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Receive IFM’s FREE 40 page Financial/Retirement Plan and see if you are on track to Retire When You Want & be able to Fulfill Your Retirement Dreams!


IFM’s Financial / Retirement Plan Includes:

Summary & Action Plan – Your Current Situation, Your Goals, Planning Details, Retirement Analysis & Actions James recommends you start taking,

Age at Retirement Analysis – See if you can afford to Retire at your desired Retirement age,

Annual Contribution Analysis – See if you are investing enough each year to get into & through Retirement,

Annual Investment Return Analysis – Pre / Post Retirement Returns needed to meet all your Retirement Goals,

Asset Allocation Graphs – For all of your investment accounts based on your Retirement Goals, Your Current Asset Allocation & Suggested Asset Allocation (Total Return),

Cash Flow Summary – Earned Income, Social Security, Qualified Plans, Investment Additions, Personal Living Expenses, Planned Debt Expenses , Education Expenses, Planned Deposits, Misc. Expenses, Taxes,

Retirement Capital Analysis – Retirement Spending Needs, Social Security, Pension Income, Education, What Age You MAY Run Out of Money,

Insurance Summary – Analysis, Term, Whole-Life, Universal Life,

Survivor Needs Analysis – Suggests Additional Life Insurance Coverage if Needed & How Much Additional would be Needed, Helping You Avoid Over-Insuring Your Family & Paying High Premiums,

Disability Income Insurance – Investment Income, Investment Assets, Retirement Assets, Spouse’s Salary, Pension Income, Changes in Living Expenses, Inflation, Education Needs, Taxes, Social Security Disability Benefits, Employer Disability Benefits,

Long-Term Care Needs – Long-Term Care Defined, Long-Term Care Need Analysis, Long-Term Care Unprotected Need,

Estate Planning – Current & Alternative Analysis, Net Worth Statement, Tax Estimate.

You can preview the Financial Plan questionnaire & Sample Financial Plan by clicking the Books & Sample Plan Tab at the Top of Homepage. 

You will have the option to print out the questionnaire, complete the forms, scan & email the file to

The information you provide Independent Financial Management, LLC, in order to complete your Financial/Retirement Plan, will NEVER be shared with anyone other than IFM.



Sample Financial Plan
Sample Financial Plan
Financial Plan Questionnaire
Financial Plan Questionnaire