Entrepreneur / Business Services

Many people would love to start their own business, however, they have no idea how to put a business plan together or how to form a business.  Once a business is started, there are many other factors the owner must deal with.  A business owner may be an expert at performing a service or creating quality goods, however, they will need to look for other professionals to help make their business successful.

Many of the topics business owners deal with include:

  • Legally Forming their Business
  • Creating a Website for their Business and generating Internet Traffic to their Website
  • Deciding whether a physical office is necessary or if a Virtual Office to start will work
  • Accounting issues, including setting up Quick-Books and hiring a CPA or Book-Keeper
  • How to Advertise & Market their Business or Product
  • Obtaining Financing from Banks or Private Investors
  • Bringing their Company to the Public Markets through a IPO

All of these issues and more can be addressed by James or he can help bring the right professionals to the table to help you.