IFM Services


Independent Financial Management, LLC or IFM, is a private Investment Advisory Representative firm or IAR, working under Independent Financial Partners or IFP, a Registered Investment Advisor firm with headquarters in Tampa, FL.  IFP & partners, is currently managing over $11.5 billion in client assets.

As IFM approaches our 19th anniversary, we are  committed to providing clients Superior Advice & Financial Services they will need throughout their lives.

IFM is working everyday to try and establish relationships with other companies who offer the financial products our clients will need to get into and through Retirement.

IFM offers Long-Term Care & Health Savings Account Insurance products, Financial & Retirement Planning & Investment Advisory services, and Private Portfolio Management. 

Clearing, Custody or other brokerage services may be provided by Fidelity Brokerage Services LLC, Charles Schwab, and Pershing LLC Members NYSE, SIPC.

IFM provides a complete line of outstanding Annuity, Life, Disability & Long-Term Care Insurance products.  IFM offers these products through a strategic relationship with a Life & Health Insurance agency representing some of the finest Life & Health Insurance companies in the United States.  

Many of the Multi-Billion dollar firms represented are more than 100 years old and all have A.M. Best ratings from A++ to A.  Other areas of specialization include Business Planning, Retirement Planning & Personal Financial Planning.

IFM Does Not Have Account Minimums. 

IFM is helping All investors, Not Only Investors Who Have a Minimum of $50,000, $100,000, $250,000 or $500,000 to invest, as Other Financial Companies Require.

IFM is always looking for Independent Financial Advisors who would like to join our company and grow their advisory business without the bureaucracy of working under an international brokerage firm. 

Each Independent Financial Advisor manages their business without IFM pressuring them to push certain products or investments to their clients.

All IFM advisors work from the same platform, consisting of great business & technical support, and compliance oversight.

IFM encourages all of our advisors to objectively choose investments that best fit their clients financial concerns or goals, allowing our clients to feel they are being Advised & Not Sold. 

The Financial Industry is full of Financial Sales People Disguised as Financial Advisors or Financial Consultants.

IFM encourages all of our Financial Advisors to structure their Fee structure with clients under the Wrap Fee Programs, which the Fee is a Percentage of the Assets the clients Have With the Advisor.  

When Client Accounts Go Up, the Fee the Advisor Receives Goes Up, if the Clients Account Decreases, the Advisors Fee Decreases Too.

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