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About IFM

Independent Financial Management, LLC, or IFM, is now an Investment Advisor Representative or IAR firm, and was initially founded as a Registered Investment Advisor or RIA, in 2005 by James R. Wigen.  Prior to starting IFM, James worked for two international investment firms, and started in the financial services business in 1996. 

As of June 2013, IFM is now one of 290 partners working for a Registered Investment Advisor firm or RIA, with headquarters in Tampa, FL.  As of 1-1-2024, IFM & RIA partners manage over $11.5 billion in client assets.  

IFM offers Custodial Services for holding client assets through Charles Schwab, Fidelity Investments & Pershing, LLC.   


Market Performance During Fed Funds Rate Increases & Decreases Since 1989

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