IFM’s Custodial Firm Financial Update – by James R. Wigen, CAM® ChFM® CPM® CWM®, Sr. Portfolio Manager & Sr. Wealth Manager

Over the past 10 days we have learned about several Banks dealing with systematic failures, therefore, I want to update you on the Custodial Firms IFM uses.

We offer clients several Custodial Firms to hold their investment accounts through, Charles Schwab, Fidelity Investments, Pershing & TD Ameritrade.

As of the day of this posting, I know of ZERO issues with client assets being at risk, or how Money Market Funds may be at risk.  Charles Schwab has reported a Net Increase in assets deposited within the past week totalling $16.5 Billion.  Schwab has experienced a significant drop in their stock price, however, it is more due to investors being nervous and Selling, rather than actual facts.

If I learn of any of our Custodial Firms having financial issues or experiencing a “Run on the Bank”, I will report it to you immediately.  This is not the time to panic, these are serious issues, however, we have chose these Custodial Firms for their excellent service and financial strength.

Please email me any questions or concerns you may have!



James CPM® designation was earned through Global Academy of Finance and Management or GAFM®

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Please take the proper risk for your current situation and get the advice from a financial professional who clearly understands your current & future goals and objectives.


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