Custom Portfolio Management

The first investment dollar most people spend is in their 401k plan.  Those plans have only Mutual Fund investment choices, including, Equity Funds, Bond Funds & Money Market Funds.  Some people have 20-25 investment choices in their 401k, others have between 5-10.

We understand that it’s hard to achieve the annual percentage rate people need when they only have a few investment choices in their 401k, and all of their investment choices consist of Mutual Funds.  Once you retire or leave your employer, you should rollover the funds in your 401k plan to a self-directed IRA!

Self-directed IRAs have several thousand investment choices, ranging from individual Stocks, Bonds, ETFs, Mutual Funds, Annuities & even Real Estate can be purchased in a IRA.  The more money you have to invest, the more you may want to hire a Private Portfolio Manager to Customize your investment accounts.  

Several years ago, around 1998, you needed to have a minimum of $100,000 worth of investment dollars to hire your own Private Portfolio Manager.  IFM has no account minimum requirements.

Advantages of hiring your own Private Portfolio Manager versus Mutual Funds 

A Private Portfolio Manager will generally meet with you, understand what annual percentage or annual income you need from your investment dollars to get you into and through retirement.  If you invest through Mutual Funds, your money is combined with other investors and the actual Manager or Managers have no idea who you are or what annual return or annual income you need to meet your goals.

IFM can be hired as your Private Portfolio Manager!  IFM has over 27 years of experience as a Portfolio Manager & Financial Advisor.

IFM charges an annual fee based on the investment dollars you give him to manage.

IFM is not paid commissions on each investment transaction, only an annual fee, which you both agree on.  The fee is billed quarterly, but is based on a annual percentage of the investment dollars IFM is responsible for managing.

This Fee-Based arrangement allows you and IFM’s interests to be aligned, both parties want to see your account grow and not decline.

Contact IFM to schedule a time to discuss your interest in Hiring him as your Private Portfolio Manager or Financial Advisor!