IFM Stock Ideas

Before Following any of James Stock ideas, please talk with your current Financial Advisor to see if any of these ideas fit into your Risk profile.  

If you don’t have a current Financial Advisor or Portfolio Manager, contact James and he will help you identify your Risk / Reward profile. 

All Stocks involve risk and past performance has No Guarantee of future results!

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Examples of James previous Stock picks include:  (Current Stock ideas for Subscription & Asset Based Clients only)

  • 6-7-17 –  BUY Cisco, (CSCO), current price $31.37
  • 6-5-17 –  BUY JPMorgan Chase, (JPM), current price $82.79
  • 6-5-17 –  BUY Morgan Stanley, (MS), current price $42.89
  • 6-5-17 –  BUY Capital One, (COF), current price $78.33
  • 6-2-17 –  BUY Netflix, (NFLX), current price $165.18
  • 6-2-17 –  BUY Bank Of America, (BAC), current price $22.45
  • 6-2-17 –  BUY Citigroup, (C), current price $61.11
  • 5-3-17 –  BUY NVIDIA, (NVDA), current price $104.20
  • 3-21-17 – BUY Amazon, (AMZN), current price $843.20
  • 3-14-17 – BUY Four Corners Property Trust, (FCPT), current price $25.44 – also yields around 4%
  • 3-8-17 –  BUY NVIDIA, (NVDA), current price $98.56
  • 3-1-17 –  BUY Wayfair, (W), current price $37.86
  • 2-27-17 –  BUY Microsoft, (MSFT), current price $64.23 – also yields around 2.25%
  • 2-22-17 –  BUY Apple, (AAPL), current price $135.20 (before 4 for 1 stock split)- also yields around 1.65%
  • 2-17-17 –  Based on the Kraft & Unilever announcement of a Kraft takeover offer, I am UPGRADING Mondelez International, Inc. (MDLZ) to a BUY.  The stock is trading at $40.50 pre-market.
  • 2-16-17 –  BUY Paypal, (PYPL), $42.15
  • 2-16-17 –  BUY Square (SQ), current price $13.89
  • 12-30-16 – Sell T now that it has reached $42.50.  Here was my post from 12-1-16, – 12-1-16 – Buy AT&T (T), current price $38.75, look to Sell around $42.50. T pays a healthy 4.60% Dividend too.
  • 12-30-16 – Sell VZ now that it has reached $53.38.  Here was my post on 12-1-16 – 12-1-16 – Buy Verizon (VZ), current price $49.85, look to Sell around $53. VZ pays a healthy 4.3% Dividend too. You can also Sell Covered Call Options to try and make more money on VZ as well.
  • 12-29-16 – Market starting to slowly Sell-off, just as I predicted in a earlier blog post and how it did last year at this same time.
  • 12-25-16 – Happy Holidays to you all!!
  • 12-14-16 – Federal Reserve Raises Rates for the first time on 2016, 0.25%. Rising rates will affect millions of American, including people looking to buy homes, people saving money and investors.
  • 12-8-16 – Market rising ahead of Federal Reserve Meeting, Fed will raise the Federal Funds rate .25 basis points, the market should pull back for a day or two then march higher until around December 29th, then start selling off, just like it did a year ago.
  • 12-1-16 – Buy AT & T (T), current price $38.75, look to Sell around $42.50. T pays a healthy 4.60% Dividend too.
  • 11-15-16 – Stocks are rising based on New Tax Laws coming from Trump as well as more business friendly changes coming from Trump and possibly a large Bond offering to rebuild Bridges, Highways and Airports around the U.S.
  • 11-7-16 – Buy Stocks after Trump Win, Sell late December 2016 as market will start to drop as it did in January of this year.  After the drop Buy back in the Stock Market.


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Please take the proper risk for your current situation and get the advice from a financial professional who clearly understands your current & future goals and objectives.


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