IFM Subscription Fee Pricing

If you are looking for help with Financial & Retirement Planning, have questions on Financial or Insurance Topics, need help allocating your 401k investment dollars, IFM can help you for a Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annual or Annual Subscription fee.

IFM’s Subscription service gives you access to Financial Advice & a range of Financial Services. It can be a Convenient & Cost-Effective way to get financial assistance when you need it.

No Income or Net Worth restrictions, IFM can help EVERYONE!!

Types of Financial & Retirement Planning Services:

These Services May or May Not Lead to a Financial Plan Report.

Financial Planning Service Can be an Ongoing Service, Continuing Beyond an Initial Financial Plan and/or its Associated Issuance of Financial/Retirement  Plan or Report.


Financial Planning & Consultancy Fee:

Fee Type:  Flat Fees or Hourly Fees: 

Billing Frequency:  One-Time





Subscription Based Financial Service Fee:

Fee:  Flat Fee Agreed Upon by You & IFM Advisor

Billing Frequency:  Monthly



                                 Until Canceled                                        

                                 Subscription End Date


Custom Portfolio Management

IFM Professionally Manages the Following Account Types: 

IFM charges an Assets Under Management or AUM Fee. 

This Fee is a Percentage of AUM you Deposit or Transfer to IFM & is Agreed Upon by You & IFM Advisor.

These Arrangements are Referred to as Fee Based or Wrap Fee Accounts, and Are Advisor Based Discretionary Trading Account Agreements.

You Pay an Annual Fee, which is Paid on a Quarterly Basis or Monthly Basis, Whichever You & IFM Advisor Agree Upon.

You Are Not Locked Into a Long-Term Contract.

As Your Account Goes Up in Value, Advisor Makes More Money & if Your Account Goes Down in Value, Advisor Makes Less Money.

This Fee Structure Best Aligns Your Interests & IFM Advisors Best Interests.

These Are Not Commission Based Trading Accounts.

If you would like to learn more or receive a custom Subscription Fee quote, please email us or click on Contact IFM tab in the upper right corner.