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Are You an Independent Contractor or GIG Worker?

In the U.S., 36% of ALL adult workers are Independent Contractors or GIG workers, according to Gallup. Being a GIG worker or Independent Contractor means you are Self-Employed, you need to know as Many of the Benefits of being Self-Employed as possible. 

If you include the fast growing number of Online Content Creators & Social Media Influencers to the GIG Workers, Independent Contractors & Self-Employed, nearly 100 million U.S. adult workers are considered Small Business Owners. 

Financial Workshops offered through ZOOM, and will include a heavy focus on Investing Topics for GIG workers, Independent Contractors, Online Content Creators, Influencers & Self-Employed businesses who have unique Accounting, Banking, Business, Financial, Insurance, Legal, Marketing & Networking issues, and many Investing & Financial Planning Related Topics.

Financial Workshop Topics:

  • Increasing Profits by Reducing Taxable Income Through Business Deductions, Proper Organization for Business Receipts, 
  • Setting up Retirement Accounts like 401ks & Solo 401ks Simple IRAs, SEP IRAs & IRA accounts,
  • The Importance of Completing a Financial / Retirement Plan to Determine the Best Type of Account for you,
  • Contribution Amounts & Investment Returns Needed on an Annual Basis to Help you get Into & Through Retirement,
  • Custom Investment Allocation Based on Annual Investment Needs,
  • Proper Insurance Types & Coverage Amounts to Help Protect your Family / Business,
  • If you already have Taxable Investment accounts, IRAs / Roth IRAs, old 401Ks you need help Rolling Into a Self Directed IRA account,
  • Strategies to help Generate More Income from Your Current Investment Dollars, Whether you are Making your Own Investment Decisions or Currently Have a Financial Advisor,
  • Insurance Services, Including Term, Universal & Whole Life Insurance, Short Term Disability & Long Term Care Insurance,
  • How Self-Directed Health Savings Accounts can Increase Pre-Tax Contributions, 
  • Bookkeeping & QuickBooks, Tax Preparation, SBA Loans, Payment Processor Options, Recruiters, Temporary / Short-Term Worker Options, 
  • Affiliate Marketing, Influencers & Professional Networking Opportunities,
  • Pros & Cons to Forming an LLC, S Corp, Sole Proprietorship, Proper Steps & Costs in Filing a New Business with the IRS & Individual States.


IFM TelaMeetings are FREE to attend, and are open to all Individuals & Businesses.  A ZOOM code will be required to attend each TelaMeeting.

If you would like to attend a IFM TelaMeeting, please email


Financial Workshop Presenter

James R. Wigen, CAM, ChFM, CPM, CWM at Independent Financial Management, LLC.  James specializes in Custom Portfolio Management, Wealth Management, Financial / Retirement Planning & Insurance Services for Individuals,  Businesses & Nonprofits since 1996. 

No Sales Pitch during our Workshops, For Educational Purposes Only.

No specific Tax or Legal advice will be offered to participants one on one, you will have an opportunity to schedule a one on one meeting with a Guest Speaker who is the expert in the area specific to your needs.

If you are a GIG worker, Independent Contractor, Self-Employed or represent a Business, and would like to become a Guest Speaker at one of our Workshops, please email us and let us know what is your area of expertise.


James Chartered Asset Manager® CAM®, Chartered Financial Manager® ChFM®, Chartered Portfolio Manager® CPM®, Chartered Wealth Manager® CWM®, designations were issued by Global Academy of Finance & Management or GAFM®Investment advisory services offered through Independent Financial Partners, IFP, a Registered Investment Advisor. Independent Financial Management, is not owned or controlled by IFP.  IFM offers Custodial Services through Charles Schwab, Fidelity Investments, Pershing LLC & TD Ameritrade for client assets.