Markets Up First Few Days This Week, Now Back Down Until Mid October Right Before MidTerm Elections, Then Rally Into Elections by James R. Wigen, CAM® ChFM® CPM® CWM®, Sr. Wealth Manager

The first couple days of this week we have seen a nice rally with the Stock Market.  However, it will all start reversing with Earnings announcements and last until Middle of October, when magically the markets will rally right before MidTerm Elections. 

The SPR will also be accessed again to help Gas prices go back down and make people feel that everything is great going into November 8th!

One fact, we have seen a positive return in the Stock Market one year after the MidTerm Elections since 1950.  NO matter what your Political side, that fact is something we need to remember.

Stock market returns after midterm elections

Source: Bloomberg

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